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Staging your home when you are ready to sell is an important marketing tool that you don’t want to ignore. Staged homes sell faster than homes that are not staged.

I’m a Realtor® in the Austin area, and selling homes is my expertise. When working with buyers, staged homes always make a bigger impression with them. Some people have a hard time imagining what to do with the space when the home is empty. If the owner still lives there, but hasn’t staged it, the seller could sabotage the sale of their home by leaving it too cluttered or too “lived-in”. As a home seller, you definitely want to make a great impression with potential buyers.

Start with decluttering your home. Since you’re moving anyway, you might as well get a head start on your packing. Pack away many personal decor items, such as family photos, trophies, and big collections, like dolls and such. You’ll want to neutralize your home as much as possible. Some sellers store their packed belongings in the garage or a spare room, but, if it’s in your budget, you may want to consider storing those things in a storage unit. A lot of buyers want to see a spacious, clean garage so they can visualize putting all their boxes in there when they move, or their cars and lawn mower.

Next, you may want to remove some of your furniture and store the excess furniture as well. Creating more space and clear paths will help make your home seem more spacious. Rearrange your furniture to draw attention the home’s best features, such as a beautiful fireplace or giant windows with a great view.

Another thing that will definitely make your home more appealing, is to have it cleaned. You can do it yourself, or hire a cleaning crew to come out and get it done in a day.

If it’s in your budget, you should consider painting the interior walls a light, neutral color. Taupes and light grays often look nice. If you want to add some color, do so with throw pillows and art work.

An often over-looked tip is to declutter and organize your cabinets and closets. Since you’ve already started packing, you may as well include packing up things in your closet and cabinets that you won’t need while your home is on the market. When buyers see closets crammed with belongings it gives them the impression that there isn’t enough storage space. Any positive impressions you can make will help sell your house.

Ultimately, if you’re really struggling with trying to figure out how to stage your home, you can always visit some model homes in your area. Model homes are designed to sell and they usually do a fantastic job making you want that house. Take note of the paint colors and decor items to help you out. Also, observe the lay out of the furniture, which will have a nice flow and help make the home feel open and spacious.

With these simple do-it-yourself tips, you’ll get ahead of the competition on the market.





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